Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 21 - my new baggies

I am not going to try and keep track of how many days I missed blogging this week, I will just start where I left off.  It has been a challenging week as the baby was sick and the weekend was busy.  But here I am, back at it again. 

I received my re-use-it bags in the mail yesterday and was giddy to use them today.  The kid's lunch was packed in his usual lunch box, but instead of plastic baggies that would be thrown away he had his snacks in adorable cloth bags with guitars on them.  He was tickled when he saw how they velcro shut.  I sported my very trendy "This is not a paper bag" paper bag looking reusable bag today and got several compliments.  Don't you love when eco-conscious crosses with trendy fashion item?  Okay, maybe not, as that is what has gotten us in this pickle in the first place, right?  At least the current fad is somewhat productive on a consciousness level.  I digress.

Good news is, I love my little lunch baggies and it makes me want to pack a lunch which will reduce waste and will save me some money by bringing food instead of eating out.  Note to anyone going to try and switch your family to something like this, do NOT try to convince your husband that it is worth buying these because they are cheaper than Ziploc.  When I tried to explain how the average American spends $85 a year on sandwich bags I got laughed at for a long time, apparently we only spend a few latte's worth on our baggies.  I suggest going with the eco-friendly argument or the "I will eat out less" argument, it might work better. 

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