Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 25 - Get Mamma Nature a new bra?

So perhaps Mother Nature doesn't actually need a brassiere to hold up her lovely mountains, but supporting her in other ways is going to help make this world a better place.  Today I thought about how important it is to support all the mama's out there trying to make a difference (and dada's, sister's, friends.) 

For today's eco challenge I am going to make sure I am supporting a friend who just co-started an organic eco-friendly lip balm business.  You are also making a difference by supporting a mama by reading this blog!  Thank you. 

And if you want to help support my friend check out her products on Amazon, just search for Mama Purist. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 24 - how's the air out there?

For the first time in as long as I can remember (about 9 months back currently...) it was hot in the Northwest yesterday.  Okay, so it was only like 75 degrees out, but that is a big step up for us!  I got into my car about mid-afternoon and went straight for the air conditioning.  After just a few minutes I realized, wait, here is another one of those decisions I make throughout the day without putting any thought into how it might affect the environment.  I turned the air off and rolled down my window.  I forgot how nice it feels to have fresh air cooling you off when the convenience of air conditioning seems to be the default choice.  I know there are times when air conditioning might feel necessary, but try to remember the next time you are in your car to roll down your windows and enjoy the feel of the outside air!

Happy Summer everyone

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 23 - back in the saddle again

Such a long lapse in writing, thank you so much for those who encouraged me to get back in the saddle and continue the cause.  I became derailed in my writing due to a short vacation.  Isn't it funny how a long weekend can take you away from an exercise routine, a diet, a new habit you are trying to form?  It also took the baby back to a state of non-sleep which might explain the lack of writing...

Now on to the creation of daily habits.  Has anyone noticed the culture of fear that the media is (and has been) creating regarding nature?  It's interesting as a parent to see how nature and natural things are portrayed in the media towards children and towards providing for our children.  From the threat of organic veggies being tainted to cartoons depicting the forests as a scary place full of villainous creatures no wonder we have such a disconnected relationship with nature.  Perhaps the newest habit is to break down some of these myths and be more aware of the balance of reality and myth. 

Yes, it is important to understand the risks but risks are everywhere but they need to be balanced.  What about the benefits of non-pesticide soaked food?  Or the benefit to learning to enjoy a peaceful moment watching wildlife or exploring a new trail?  I have had the joy of watching my four year old getting into the dirt to capture a worm or a potato bug and stare in fascination at it wriggling around. 

So go out and find some worms this week and try to remember that joy and quiet wonder you used to experience daily as a child.  This is the start of a new connection to nature.