Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 15, 16 and 17 - Happy Mother's Day Mama Gaia

A few days behind as the baby has been sick and I am tired.  I am working on incorporating my habits, saving electricity by turning off lights whenever I leave a room, turning off my computer each day when I leave work, cutting down on disposable cups (although I found out that if you order a latte at Starbucks and give them your reusable mug they still use a disposable to measure and make the drink... sheesh!) also focused on saving water and being aware of my daily waste.  All of these things are thankfully becoming more habit than challenge, as it should be.  Today is one of the most important day's to think about our impact on the earth because it is Mother's day.  A day we can honor nurturing our maternal instinct and our ability to take care of others, including the earth and all it's beings. 

Mother's day is a funny day.  The focus (as media would tell you) is supposedly on the mother and what she wants to do, but really it's just a way to teach kids to honor the mother, isn't it?  It's not like you spend the day with a few hours by yourself with a good book, a massage, a soak in the tub or anything.  Or maybe people do and I just didn't plan my day right.  No, I loved spending the day with my wonderful, sweet, whining, crying, children because despite the tears they are my life.  Sometimes I wonder how Mother Nature feels about these things.  Do you think the human race is at the toddler stage?  Or is it the early adolescence?  Perhaps Mama Gaia is just wanting some time to relax today.  I hope Mother Nature has a good sense of humor.  

Today's present to Mother Nature is time spent in the garden.  New plants planted and seeds were put in the soil.  Hopefully she got to relax with a little massage (digging in the dirt), a little makeover (new flowers) and a nice soak (watering the fresh soil.)  Maybe this will help her realize that even though we are loud, seemingly careless at times and slightly obnoxious, we all love our mama's. 

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