Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 12 - repurpose for multipurpose

A super quick entry tonight as it is late and it has been a very busy day!  Today I had a great experience where someone I ran into commented on my shampoo adventure and gave me some more tips (I think I was most surprised and pleased that someone had read what I wrote yesterday).  Thank you Taylor, I am super excited about the new ideas. So now I am getting ready to go and make a simple face serum out of the products I made shampoo with last night.  I get multiple purposes from my ingredients and less waste is produced in the form of excess plastic bottles, excess chemicals and the transportation that goes into getting all of our beauty products into stores.  I will sleep well with a little almond oil and essential oil serum enhancing my delicate skin. 

Enjoy re-purposing what you have in your home to help reduce waste!

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