Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 18 and 19 - digging a little deeper

I can't claim to have done a whole lot of new and different things the last two days, but I have been working hard on digging deeper into the core of me and trying to figure out where I got so far off track.  It used to be the norm for me to buy all my clothes and furniture second hand, look for ways to conserve resources better, spend my free time out on trails or adventuring in the snow and use my time and energy to make the earth a better place.  Something has happened to pull me away from those values.  Now I am a mom, at a time where I feel it is so important to be exemplifying these behaviors, and I am doing no such thing. 

Is it the lack of time and energy as you get sucked into the daily insanity of juggling a family and a full time job?  Is it the instant gratification I get from buying something shiny and new, a treat for working so hard and sacrificing so much?  But why have I gone so far as treating myself for the sacrifice of those things I used to hold so dear?  Writing this blog and changing my priorities are a new way to 'treat' myself and to stop having to give up so much. 

New priorities:
1. Teach my children how to enjoy Nature and the importance of conservation and preservation. 
2. Exemplify by spending more time outside.  Awareness is the entry to Action.
3. Have fun again...  

How about everyone gets outside and has a little fun playing in the dirt.  It's a great reminder to not take everything so seriously. 

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