Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 8 - groovy garage sale-in

In the spirit of re-using we are preparing for our first venture into the Great Neighborhood Garage Sale.  Signing up for the community garage sale has forced me to actually go through with this.  I have spent all week going through my closets, drawers and the garage to see what we are holding onto that we no longer need.  Isn't it amazing how much stuff we accumulate?  I am a regular Goodwill dropper offer so I really thought I would have to scrounge to find things, but there were whole boxes that I feel ready to let go.  Items from not that long ago when I lived on my own, before kids and 'grown-up' life that I look at and think, "will I ever REALLY have a need for this again?"  And the answer is no, I will probably not need the collection of amazingly cute and chic high heels, the multitude of small handbags, or my colllection of colorful scarves.  Not only do I not truly need these things but I really don't mind passing them on either.  I am hoping that some adventurous bargain hunter out there tomorrow stumbles upon our yard and comes away feeling like they found a great treasure.  Then it will be entirely worth it.

I am anxious and excited about our yard sale tomorrow.  I am not sure why but there is part of me that has these silly questions going through my mind today "what if no one wants our stuff?", "what if people make fun of what we put out", it never occurred to me that throwing a garage sale would feel like such an intimate showing of my life.  Despite this emotional obstacle I am excited to be releasing these little treasures of mine out into the world for a new life and adventure they get to partake in.  This is the first time in my grown up life that I have actually thrown a real garage sale and I can't wait for the experience.

Wish me luck!

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