Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 3 - the power of planning

Today I focused on putting some effort into planning before going to the grocery store to bring light to reducing the amount of waste I create for our landfills.  Don't get me wrong, I do a relative amount of planning before grocery shopping, but often it is a very loose list of items and not a thorough plan of meals.  This leads to items in the refrigerator that eventually go bad because even though they sounded like a great thing to eat I never actually put them together in a meal.  Either that or I make a great big meal but then don't plan on how to use the leftovers and I am horrible about leftovers.  I think I have an actual phobia about leftovers, it is ridiculous and not grounded in reality, I know, but if it has been in the fridge more than a few days it really freaks me out.

So another big little step for me today.  An entire week of meals planned out to waste as little food as possible.  What other ways can I eliminate waste?  I think I will start researching composting bins for food waste reduction.  Anyone out there composting right now and have some advice on getting started?  I was looking at the 7 cubic foot compost wizard jr.  Looks fairly easy to manage and won't attract rats to our yard (my phobia of rats is almost as bad as my phobia of leftovers...) 

Here is to a full week of dinners, I can't wait for the Chanterelle taco's tomorrow night.  Although now that I look at the picture with the recipe I don't think I bought Chanterelle's at the store today, so here is to an exciting night of random mushroom taco's! 

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