Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 1 - the smallest things

Day one and it's Earth Day.  I feel excited to start this journey and am looking all over to see what little things I can do for the environment.  Each day I am looking for things to start healthy earth friendly habits. 

Starting out my day today I was focused on water and energy usage awareness.  Out of part laziness (honestly) and a wee bit of conservation awareness I skipped my morning shower.  Who needs a shower every day, right?  It's amazing how much water we waste throughout the day by leaving the water on while brushing our teeth, running the dishwasher or laundry not on a full load and sometimes by taking our showers or baths for way longer than necessary.  I read a tip today to only put the amount of water you need for your tea in your teapot, then you aren't using extra energy to heat the unused water.  Both a water and energy way to conserve.  Genius!

Next step, energy resources.  I made sure that every light was off before leaving.  Tomorrow I need to go around and unplug any appliances that are sucking energy by just sitting there plugged in and not being used.  Would have done that today but I didn't think about it until now and I am sure when I get home from work and in the frazzle of getting the boys fed and put to bed that it will go back down the priority list.  Perhaps I will make it a fun exercise to do with the family.  (Or maybe not, probably want to keep the child and baby away from the outlets now that I think about it.)  

The big challenge to myself today was to NOT stop at Starbucks for a coffee drink.  Yes, I have become the stereotypical northwest suburban mom addicted to Starbucks drive through (while driving my Subaru Outback, how cliche is that?).  But, it is in my power to change my habits.  Today I came to work and dug through my drawers to find that barely used mug I bought forever ago so I could be 'green', gave it a good solid wash and got my caffeine fix at work.  Not only did I avoid a throw away cup but I also saved money!  I also gave my water bottle a good solid wash and will be using that today.  Amazing how convenience and sugary coffee drinks have tainted me so much. 

These are a few of the teeny tiny steps I have started with.  I realize that many of you will read this and think it is ridiculous to claim that I am doing something for the environment by skipping a shower and skipping a coffee run, but it all starts with awareness and this is my awakening.


  1. I'll hop on to the unplug everything challenge. glad you are blogging and on this topic.


  2. WOW. Just wow. This is amazing! There is nothing "silly" about this -- this is huge! To not only have the awareness but to ACT on it is more than 90% of people will ever do. I am so impressed and will start my journey through your inspiration....yay!!

  3. Lisa sent me over and I'm following along now. She said it, this is HUGE! What a great game to play!
    P.S. Nice to meet you!

  4. You can use our yummy coffee pot to have your cup of coffee!