Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 4 - opt out

Today is Monday. Back to work on a rainy dreary day and I woke up late this morning so I am feeling grumpy and groggy. Today is one of those days that it is hard to get excited about incorporating a new habit or making a change, but it is only day 4 so I must find a way. So, as nice as it would be to opt out and stop pushing myself to be a better eco-citizen, I will look at other ways to opt out that will help, not hinder.

Focus: opt out of unnecessary printed materials to save waste, paper and TREES!

I took a few minutes today and was able to stop getting sent phone books by using this site:

and I signed up to stop getting pre-approved credit card offers here:

and I signed up to be able to opt out of more generalized junk mail through this awesome nonprofit service, I am excited to try it out on a few different junk offers when I get home and can target the companies that keep sending me crap that goes straight to the recycle bin:

Surprisingly the hardest one was to try and stop getting paper statements from my bank. Nowhere on their website could I figure out how to opt out and get emails instead. I sent a customer service inquiry and am waiting to hear back. You think it would save them money and any bank would want to save money, right? Maybe I should start looking at a new bank...

Ideas and links came from the following sites:

Join me and stop the cycle of junk mail!

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  1. Thanks for the links Rachel! I opted out too!! ;)